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4 Types of Garage Doors to Choose From

When you are in the market for a garage door installation company, you will first need to figure out what type of garage door you want for your home. You want to make sure your home is safe and secure, and a properly functioning garage door system satisfies your needs.

There are four types of garage doors you can choose from. They all have different purposes and styles to accommodate your needs. The four types include:


Roller Doors- If you have a small garage or narrow driveways, this is the door to choose. These

Roller garage doors

doors are primarily made of aluminum, and that wraps around a drum at the opening of the garage door.  These doors use garage door openers to open and close the door.


Tilt-Up garage door in Granite BayTilt-Up Garage Doors­ This is the type of garage door that tilts up when you use a garage door opener to lift the door. It is a single panel door, and is cheaper than a sectional paneled door.




Sectional garage door Granite BaySectional Doors- Sectional doors have multiple panels that move up towards the ceiling. Sectional doors use garage door springs to lift and close the door. You can have a technician install a garage door opener to open and close the door for you.


Steel garagr door granite BaySteel Garage Doors- These are the heaviest of all the types of garage doors. Many businesses use steel doors to prevent damage from fleet vehicles. These garage doors last the longest out of all the materials available. This type of garage door installation costs the most compared to other types of garage doors.



When you are choosing the type of garage door for your home, you also should keep in mind to ask garage door servicing companies if they have an emergency garage door service technician on call for when you need your door repaired at night. Our technicians at Granite Bay Garage Door RepairServices can help you choose the right type of garage door to suit your needs.

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